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Our Partners

The New York Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Academy is a resource for professionals who recognize the positive impact and opportunity that psychiatric rehabilitation skills and practices has in centering each person to determine their path to recovery.

The Academy is a service of The Alliance for Rights and Recovery in partnership with Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation with support from New York’s leading training and technical assistance providers and partner organizations.

The Academy partners include leaders in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health, substance use, and trauma-related services training and consultation. Learn more about them below.

The Alliance for Rights and Recovery is a statewide coalition of people who use and/or provide recovery-centered community based mental health services. We value diversity and promote cultural competence in all aspects of our work.

The Alliance for Rights and Recovery is dedicated to improving services, social conditions, and public policies for people with mental health, addiction, and trauma-related conditions by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation, and rights and full community inclusion so that all people can participate freely in the opportunities of society.

The Alliance for Rights and Recovery promotes the concept and practice of mental health recovery and the promotion of widespread availability of quality recovery-centered rehabilitation and peer support services throughout New York State. The Alliance for Rights and Recovery has a long, deep commitment to promoting human rights, dignity, equality and self-determination and countering discrimination both within the mental health system and broader community.

The Alliance for Rights and Recovery membership includes over 100 community mental health service agencies that support the efforts of tens of thousands of New Yorkers by providing a wide range of services that share a fundamental belief in the capacity for recovery, healing, and independence for every person with a mental health, addiction, and trauma-related challenge.

Visit Website > www.rightsandrecovery.org

InUnity Alliance (InUnity), a 501C3 not-for-profit, is the umbrella organization for New York’s behavioral health provider community, representing over 100 non-profit community-based behavioral health agencies in New York. Founded in 1972, InUnity provides advocacy, training, and technical assistance to its member organizations to strengthen the sector and ensure the provision of the highest quality behavioral health services to New Yorkers.

InUnity’s member organizations serve individuals with mental health and/or substance use diagnoses, including some of New York’s most vulnerable citizens: persons with HIV, struggling families, the fragile elderly, people living with co-occurring conditions, people discharged from psychiatric hospitals and detoxification units, people discharged from correctional settings, and children and adolescents with emotional disturbances, including those in the foster care system.

Our members serve those communities most impacted by COVID-19. InUnity’s members serve New Yorkers of every race, ethnicity and age, as diverse as New York itself.
Visit Website > www.coalitionny.org

The Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) supports the New York State Office of Mental Health’s mission to promote the widespread availability of evidence-based practices to improve mental health services, ensure accountability, and promote recovery-oriented outcomes for consumers and families. The CPI serves as a critical resource to OMH by spreading those practices identified by OMH as most critical to accomplish OMH’s system transformation initiatives. Visit Website > www.practiceinnovations.org
Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring innovation in practive by providing essential business services in partnership with organizations that improve lives and strengthen communities.  Their vision is to be an exceptional place for individuals to grow and build a career, while expanding their capacity to invest in communities, and offer “One Stop” access to a full-range of integrated services needed to support customers in developing and delivering high-impact services and programs. Simply put, they help organizations that help others. Visit Website > www.ccsi.org
The McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at New York University (McSilver) is committed to creating new knowledge about the root causes of poverty, developing evidence-based interventions to address its consequences, and rapidly translating research findings into action through policy and practice. McSilver’s team is comprised of researchers, clinical experts, and professionals with decades of experience working within the field of health care. In New York State, McSilver operates the Community (CTAC) and Managed Care (MCTAC) Technical Assistance Centers which collectively offer Technical Assistance to all Mental Health and Substance Use providers on various clinical and business best practices. Visit Website > www.mcsilver.nyu.edu

The Center is a national research, training, and service organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons who have psychiatric conditions. Their work is guided by the most basic of rehabilitation values, that first and foremost, persons with psychiatric conditions have the same goals and dreams as any other person.

The Center’s mission is to increase the likelihood to achieve these goals by improving the effectiveness of people, programs, and service systems using strategies based on the core values of recovery and rehabilitation. They conduct research studies, deliver services, and provide training and technical assistance to mental health programs, nationally and internationally, that wish to provide recovery-oriented services.

Visit Website > www.cpr.bu.edu

Partnership to End Addiction is the result of the cohesive joining of two pioneering and preeminent addiction-focused organizations- Center on Addiction and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Partnership to End Addiction’s mission is to transform how our nation addresses addiction by empowering families, advancing effective care, shaping public policy, and changing culture. Partnership to End Addiction combines its depth of expertise with a compassion-driven, hands-on approach to deliver solutions to individuals and families and proactively takes action to incite proactive change. Partnership to End Addiction mobilizes families, policymakers, researchers and health care professionals to more effectively address addiction systemically on a national level.  Visit Website > www.drugfree.org

Friends of Recovery – New York (FOR-NY) is a statewide 501(c)3 Recovery Community Organization (RCO), located in the capital of New York, Albany, serving all counties in the state.  FOR-NY is in partnership with and advocates on behalf, of a combined 40 Recovery Community Organizations, Recovery Community and Outreach Centers within NY state. In addition, they provide youth recovery capacity building and sustainability to 20 Youth Recovery Clubhouses, and support to recovery high schools and collegiate recovery programs.

Friends of Recovery NY is also the home of the NYS Alumni Association, which works to build alumni associations across the state.  Its mission is to demonstrate the power and promise of recovery from addictions and its value to individuals, families and communities throughout NYS and the nation. They actively seek to advance public policies and practices that promote and support recovery. FOR-NY delivers information on addiction services, supports, education and legislation to nearly 14,000 constituents through our statewide database (Donor View) on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Along with empowering those in recovery, another focus is on social justice and ensuring racial equity practices are embedded in all New York State recovery-oriented systems of care. FOR-NY is dedicated to mitigating the crossover of poverty and the impact on access to individual and family recovery. 

Every year, FOR-NY conducts a statewide point-in-time survey that allows them to gather the voices of the recovery community and inform our advocacy and policy agenda. 
Visit Website > www.for-ny.org

The Academy of Peer Services (APS) is an online, on-demand, self-directed training and testing website offering a wide range of interactive multimedia courses for those seeking certification in New York State as peer specialists in mental health settings. Courses on the supervision of peer specialists are also available. APS is a collaboration between Rutgers University Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, The Alliance for Rights and Recovery, and a growing network of Community Collaborators.  Visit Website > www.academyofpeerservices.org