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You Can Be a Leader in Proven Recovery Practice

The value of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) certification starts in your communities and the lives you impact through a rehabilitation approach that centers a person’s own choices on their path to recovery.

Your PRA certification also demonstrates that professionals, employers, and those accessing services are improving every day through the psychiatric rehabilitation approach. The Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP), granted by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA), is the only nationally recognized credential for professionals who implement the principles and practices of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

The Power of PRA Certification

Certified Practitioners Make a Difference

The CPRP Certification:

  • Demonstrates your training, experience, knowledge, and skills in the very specific area of psychiatric rehabilitation.
  • Establishes that practitioners are equipped to implement effective person-centered services that maximize resiliency and recovery outcomes.
  • Provides assurance to people accessing services, other mental health care professionals, employers, state licensure boards, and third-party payers.
  • Reflects your commitment to the promise of recovery, adherence to the PRA Code of Ethics, and life-long learning through continuing education.

CPRP Certified Providers:

  • Incorporate the most successful and cost-effective practices for people living with mental health and/or substance use challenges and have mastered the principles, skills, and knowledge necessary to carry out those practices.
  • Will be more likely to stay dedicated to their field and grow their their departments as a result of certification. A survey of CPRPs indicates that 70% of practitioners had been employed at the same agency for 5 years or longer.

The CPRP Certification:

  • Ensures that PRA practitioners apply their knowledge to positively impact the lives of people with serious mental illness through centering hope, self-determination, empowerment, and recovery.
  • Validates that support is provided with PRA’s fundamental principles, ethical behavior, integrity, freedom of choice, justice, and respect for diversity and culture.
  • Provides assurance that services from a PRA certified professional meets the fundamental standards outlined in the PRA Code of Ethics of competence, informed consent, advocacy and propriety.
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Common Questions about CPRP Certification

How it Works

  • The CPRP is a test-based certification that fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical and culturally diverse psychiatric rehabilitation workforce.
  • Many people have CPRPs including people with PhD, GED, social workers, peer specialists, caseworkers and others who have found their vocation working in psychiatric rehabilitation.

Essential Competencies

  • The skills needed to test successfully for the CPRP include:
    • Interpersonal Competencies
    • Professional Role Competencies
    • Community Integration
    • Strategies for Facilitating Recovery
    • Assessment, Planning, and Outcomes
    • Systems Competencies
    • Supporting Health and Wellness

Taking the Test

  • PRA has an expedited application process for all Academy participants who complete training.
  • The exam is multiple choice with four options and one correct answer.

Scholarships are Available

The New York State Office of Mental Health has instituted scholarships through the Academy to support the cost of the exam for those who complete training.